New to the copywriting game?  Here’s a brief overview of how you can expect our process to go:



Let’s talk about what you need, either on the phone or via email. Here are some key questions to get us started:

Where will this copy live (website, printed piece, blog, on-package, etc)? Any word or character limits? What’s your timeline? Will we be “refreshing” existing copy or are we creating the content from scratch?



After we get on the same page regarding deliverables, I’ll provide a cost estimate for the project. We'll talk about whether it makes more sense to bill as an "all-in" cost or hourly at a rate of $70 / hour.



I love a good, old-fashioned “live” kick off, whether it’s on the phone or in person (if you’re local). This allows us to get to know each other. This discussion should include any other key players such as Project Managers or Designers with whom I’ll be working.



Once things are off and running, I’ll send over a super-duper official copywriting contract for your review. This outlines all the boring fine print, agreed-upon deliverables, and schedule.



Before putting pen to paper (or, ahem… fingers to keyboard), I require a 50% upfront payment to secure the project. This is just in case you decide to retire early and forget to leave a forwarding address (trust me, it’s happened).



Usual R1 copy turnaround is around two weeks from Kick Off
Here’s how a typical schedule of copy reviews looks:

  • Lauren delivers R1 copy  
  • Client provides R1 feedback
  • Lauren delivers R2 copy (with R1 feedback addressed)  
  • Client provides R2 feedback
  • Lauren delivers R3 copy (with R2 feedback addressed)—this should be final (or really, really, close to it).
  • NOTE: If additional rounds of revisions are needed after R3, an hourly rate of  $70 / hour will apply.



Final 50% payment due at the close of the project